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Prashanth Chakravarthy

prashanth chakravarthy

Founder / Secretary

Prashanth Chakravarthy was born on November 02 in shikaripura(Taluk) of Shimoga(dist). He completed his primary and secondary education at Shikaripur. 

After that he completed his high school at Yelahanka Government School Bangalore, he graduated from Seshadripuram College, Yelahanka.

He was born into a poor family and had a sister & Parents to take care of.

At age fourteen he took up the responsibility of the house and he did many work like, painting job and selling vegetables,and also worked at a provision store.

After completing his degree, he worked as a dance choreographer and has acted and has directed nearly 35 short films.

He is now happily married to Anupama and has a son named Gandharv.

He Established the ‘KANNADIGARA RAKSHANA VEDIKE’ as he is big Kannada fighter.

He has set up the Defence Forum of Kannadigaru and has fought several battles for employment to Kannadigas in karnataka.

He has received several acclaims and appreciations  for all these work, some of which are

Awards under the following Titles,

  • kala Thapasvi
  • kala Rasika
  • Dancing Star
  • Stage Breaker,
  • Best Actor,
  • Best Director,
  • Sakala Kala Chakravarthy,
  • Rathanshree,
  • Manava Seva Rathna,
  • kannada Ratna,
  • Matru Bhomi Seva Ratna,
  • Dialog King, and many more.,

Transformation into Social Devoted Life

One day while casually walking on the roads of Bangalore,  he found an old man who had not been paralyzed down the waist laying immovable at the side of the road.

This greatly touched his heart and got motivated by his physical state.

Immediately he decided to give a shelter for this destitute, and also for other STREET STARS (Beggars), Old Aged people, mentally imbalanced people.

He then Rented a house and set up the ” KARNATAKA JANASEVA TRUST” exclusively at his own expense, which offers safe and healthy shelter to the inmates.

He now provides free food, clothes,and Medical needs to all these inmates, more than  80 in number.

He also arranges for several surgeries for the needy. He gives a divine and graceful funeral for many people who pass away at his DESTITUTE HOME, at his own expense.

He has devoted himself to this Noble Work, all his life

All his Family Members support him for this good work

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